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So, yeah, now you can find me, and my morphs, over at

Keep in mind, I'm new to this whole Tumblr thing, so please be patient with me.

I probably won't post EVERY morph over there; just personal favorites and such. So, come on over, ask me questions, gawk at morphs and just generally have a good time.

Also, stay awesome.
Hey y'all!
I just wanna say hi, thanks for coming, and thank you for your wonderful feedback.

So, whether you're here from Reddit, Tumblr or wherever; great big internet hug to all of you! 
If there is a particular set of faces you'd like to see combined, let me know; I might do them.

But keep in mind:

- No more than 5 faces in a morph. Anything more is too much work for my lazy ass.
- I do morphs of women, but prefer men. They simply have more detail, making them easier to work with.
- No obscure foreign celebrities, unless you can provide a good headshot yourself.
- Yes, I can combine you with Brad Pitt, Megan Fox or Danny DeVito, if that's your cup of tea. All I need is a fairy high resolution picture of your face.
- Preferably no male-female mixes; they freak me the hell out. I can make an exeption if you have a really good idea.